How You Can Help


We believe that nothing of eternal value can be accomplished without prayer. Your prayers for the needy are sweet smells arising before the throne of God. Your prayers for this ministry are essential to the success of each missionary endeavor.


Your giving of your own resources to help serve the needy is an act that is very close to the heart of God. God is a giver. He gave to us Jesus Christ and He continues to give us every good blessing all throughout our lives. We are most like God when we give. Pray about how God can use your willingness to show His faithfulness to the orphan, the widow, the hungry child, and families in hard places all around the world. Why not give today?


Please share about Worldwalker Missionary Ministries with your friends, family and your local church. We enjoy getting to know folks and welcoming them into what God is doing all around us.


As mentioned before we are open to talking with good folk about going with us on a missionary journey. If you or your small group would like to experience a “missionary journey” then contact William to begin to explore possibilities. We are not a group sending or large group agency and William normally travels alone or with a couple of other people, but we would be happy to talk with you about how you might accompany us to do the works of God in foreign lands.