Where We Work

2013-11-Flags-Of-The-World-HD-WallpaperWorldwalker Missionary Ministries is a global ministry. We are willing to go anyplace that the Lord leads us to. In recent years we have traveled to a number of global destinations to serve the poor and needy. In recent years the Lord has been leading us repeatedly to Central America and specifically to the nation of Honduras. Honduras is economically the second poorest nation in our hemisphere, yet the people are so rich in faith and in needs. Despite dangers in the region the Lord has always led us directly to those who have been seeking His intervention in their lives. Its’ such a humbling experience to see God at work leading, guiding, directing, helping and pouring out compassion and mercy upon the needy.

Your prayer and support make all of this possible in practical ways. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing globally through Worldwalker Missionary Ministries. God will surely bless the seeds that you sow and the prayers that you faithfully pray.